Our lovely DEC staff at the Capital!

A core mission of the Disability Empowerment Center and all Centers for Independent Living is Advocacy and this past Monday, July 15th, our staff took the trip up to Harrisburg to be advocates for individuals with disabilities.

We understand that living free in the community depends on all of us letting our elected officials hear our message, so we gathered with the Disability Rights Network of Pennsyvlania for the presentation of the 2015-16 Disability Budget Coalition Agenda.  There were speakers discussing how home and community-based services enrich their lives and save the state money.  We also participated in visits to our legislators in their Capitol offices.

IMG_1272Matthew Seeley, the Executive Director at PA Statewide Independent Living Council


Linda Anthony with the Disability Rights Network of PA


Jaritza Nguyen,the I & R assistant at the Center for Independent Living Opportunities in York.