OUR STORIES: 25 Stories of the ADA (#9)

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The month of July in 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  All of us at DEC have been affected by the ADA and we plan on spending the whole month to celebrate it, wrapping up on July 24th with our ADA Celebration Picnic.
In honor of the 25 years of the ADA, we’ll be posting Our Stories every day – telling the stories of how the ADA has affected people individually.  Today we share Kathy’s story.

The ADA has given me freedom like I never experienced before. Prior to the ADA, I needed a tremendous amount of help to be independent due to my limited mobility. I felt trapped in my own home. After the ADA, ramps and elevators were installed on most buildings, which helped me get out more and do things for myself, like go to restaurants, movies, church, museums, and gardens. There is still some progress to be made with the ADA because not everything has adequate access for people in wheelchairs, but I would be stuck at home and not be able to be a functioning citizen of the world without the ADA.

Soon I will be taking a trip to New York City and I will be able to take the train myself, or the water taxi around the harbor, and I’ll be able to go to restaurants for lunch. Without the ADA, I would stuck at home!”