OUR STORIES: 25 Stories of the ADA (#21)

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The month of July in 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  All of us at DEC have been affected by the ADA and we plan on spending the whole month to celebrate it, wrapping up on July 24th with our ADA Celebration Picnic.

In honor of the 25 years of the ADA, we’ll be posting Our Stories every day – telling the stories of how the ADA has affected people individually.  Today we share Kimberley Carney’s story.

I have degenerative disc disease and arthritis. I am thankfully still able to work full time, but my condition seems to progressively be getting worse. I am not sure where my future lies but I am extremely grateful for the ADA and its protection of individuals with disabilities.
My grandmother had arthritis and it got so severe that she could not walk any longer and had to use a wheelchair for mobility. My father also had the disease in his hips and knees and had to walk with a cane. Having seen what they went through, I realize that without the ADA I probably would not have my job.
I have to be honest and say that I did not think much about accessibility in the past. Since working at DEC, alongside individuals with disabilities, with the shared goal of helping them to live independently, I realize how crucial it is. I’ve been to several trainings on accessibility in our communities and now everywhere I go, I see so many things that need to be fixed.
Many of us will experience some sort of disability, at some time in our lives and when that time comes, none of us want to be excluded. We all want to be able to fully participate in our community alongside our family and friends and while there’s definitely more work to be done, I’m grateful for the progress that has been made.”