OUR STORIES: 25 Stories of the ADA (#16)

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The month of July in 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  All of us at DEC have been affected by the ADA and we plan on spending the whole month to celebrate it, wrapping up on July 24th with our ADA Celebration Picnic.

In honor of the 25 years of the ADA, we’ll be posting Our Stories every day – telling the stories of how the ADA has affected people individually.  Today we share Lori Buffington’s story.

Being confined to a power wheelchair and relying on a service dog due to my Chronic Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, I’ve had access issues in the past.

In the past thirteen years, I’ve had access issues twice. Only during the first issue did I have to file a complaint with the DOJ and go to mediation to get it resolved. Having the ADA backing my legal rights, made all the difference. The resolve was in my favor, education was accomplished and I felt empowered.

With the ADA, just knowing that there is a law made to increase accessibility, helps me to feel strong when dealing with discrimination.”