Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

Dear Consumer and Medicare Member,

Fall has arrived and soon the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period will also be here again. It begins October 15 and ends December 7. That is the time period when you have the opportunity to choose between original Medicare and a Medicare Advantage Plan. If you do not know about Medicare Advantage Plans, then this is the time to learn what they are and what additional benefits they provide that Medicare does not. Some Medicare Advantage plans cost nothing and include prescription drug coverage. And if you have Medicare and Medicaid, then there is a Special Needs Plan that may provide more benefits and make it easier to obtain needed health care services.

If you would like to meet and review your Medicare health insurance options with Elizabeth who is a staff member and a licensed and certified insurance agent, please call 717-394-1890 X 311 to schedule an appointment.

Learn what additional benefits might be available to you at no cost.

Thank you,

Disability Empowerment Center