The Independent Living Program provides the skills, education and encouragement to enable individuals with disabilities to live more Independently.

Our work together is focused on making appropriate choices and learning the skills that will help you to achieve the highest level of independence possible. We also focus on the practical assistance needed to help people increase their independence in their community and to become aware of the resources and options for people with disabilities.

We assist our consumers in developing an individualized plan so that they can make their own choices as to what it means for them to be independent.

Independence is each individual’s personal journey.

We can work together both on an individual or small group basis; in a consumer’s home, in the community, or at our center.

Independent Living skills can include managing a personal budget, basic household chores, using various public transportation systems, dealing with insensitive and discriminatory behavior by members of the general public and many other subjects.  To see a list of past goals our Consumers have achieved, click here.

“Nothing is off limits at DEC. With their help and support, I have learned how to choose the best equipment for my needs each day. I can ask folks with equipment like mine how to do something and there is no shame.”  Lindy Winters Malin

Independent Living Staff

  • Director of Independent Living | Barb Feaser (email Barb)
  • Independent Living Lead & ADA Coordinator | Kimberly Carney (email Kim)
  • Independent Living Coordinator & Event Planner | Jesus Domena (email Jesus)
  • Independent Living Coordinator | Paula Moyer (email Paula)
  • Independent Living Coordinator | Michele Sawyer (email Michele)

4 Comments on “Independent Living Skills”

  1. I have a stepson, age 20, with Autism that we are in the process of moving to Cornwall. I am looking for information on Independent Living and Transitional Learning opportunities.

    1. Monica,
      Thank you for your message. Paula Moyer is our INdependent Living Specialist that works with individuals in Lebanon. She is out of the office currently, but will return on Tuesday, September 24. I can have her get in touch with you when she returns.

  2. I need some help. I am having complete shoulder surgery 3/9/20 and the other shoulder is not good either. When I get home there is no one to help. I am 63 & my parent’s who I live with are in their 80s. Could someone help with bathing, dressing and household chores?

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