DEC Access logoMore than 50 million Americans – 18% of our population – has a disability.

If you are a business owner, each of these individuals is a potential customer.  In order for these individuals to become a customer, they must be able to access your business.

Unfortunately many local businesses are not accessible to people with disabilities.  

In order to help local businesses and restaurants understand how they can become more accessible for individuals with disabilities, the Disability Empowerment Center offers our DEC Access program.

For a small fee/donation, our ADA Educator and Outreach Specialist will visit your business and facilitate our Accessibility Workshop and Training Session.  The session will guide you into making your business more accessible.  And, if you’d like to take it further and become ADA Approved, we’ll help you understand the steps to get there.

Following the workshop/training session, you’ll receive a certificate of completion and be included on our list of DEC Access businesses on our website and social media sites.

We also offer Accessibility Workshops and Trainings at our office.  Click here to contact us for upcoming workshops or more information about holding a workshop at your business.