How Money Works in a Time of COVID-19

Katrina Stirn

Date(s) - Wednesday, September 16th
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


You are invited to a Zoom workshop. “How Money Works in a Time of Covid-19.” We will need to send you Zoom invitation so let us know you are coming by emailing Barb Feaser at
We will look at key topics that have been exposed by the current pandemic: the need for emergency accounts, investing for the future, the dangers of debt, the rule of 72, the benefits of a Pennsylvania ABLE account, and more. Money does not come with an instruction manual but we will be trying to help understand how best to handle your money in this crazy world in which we live! Hosted virtually by Disability Empowerment Center, and led by Richard Pavlik and Richard Brondyke, Investment Advisor with Primerica and retired Presbyterian pastor. We hope to see you there!!