2020 Supports Broker Classroom Certification – Please Note you MUST PREREGISTER for this training

Katrina Stirn

Date(s) - Friday, March 6th
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Disability Empowerment Center


* Please note information and instructions for the online portion will be distributed to those that register. The online trainings may be taken at your convenience but must be taken no later than the week prior to the training. The online trainings will take approximately 6-8 hours in total to complete. Registration will save your spot in the training, but you will not be confirmed or admitted into the training until you successfully complete the online portion.


Supports Broker is a service available under the Developmental Disability Waivers in Pennsylvania. The 3 main roles of a supports broker are to

1.  Enhance Natural Supports for a person with ID/DD who chooses to direct their own supports and services.

2.  To assist the individual with employment related functions such as advertising for and interviewing support staff. 3.

To ensure the individual complies with the requirements of the DD Waiver.

Registration for the March Supports Broker Certification class is now open at www.myodp.org.


The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) Consolidated and Person/Family Directed Services Waiver (P/FDS) Renewals require that, in order to provide Supports Broker services, Supports Brokers must successfully complete a Supports Broker Certification Program provided by ODP or its Designee to provide Supports Broker services. Staff hired on or after July 1, 2017 must successfully complete the Supports Broker Certification Program prior to enrollment as a Supports Broker. Staff hired prior to the effective date of this waiver must complete this program by 1/1/19.

The Office of Developmental Programs has contracted with Temple University’s Institute on Disabilities to provide this certification training. This two-part training provides prospective supports brokers with information they need to understand Participant Directed Services and Supports (PDSS) and the role the broker plays in helping people be successful with self-directing their services. Guided by principles of self-determination, training participants will gain knowledge and skills necessary to enhance natural supports, support participants with employer related responsibilities, and assist people with program rules and person-centered planning.

This new certification program consists of 2 required parts:

  1. Seven (7) Online Training Modules completed via www.myodp.org. These will serve as foundational training and will be a pre-requisite to the classroom portion.
  2. Two (2) Day Classroom Training that builds off the online training providing the participants with opportunities to expand their knowledge, practice their skills, and engage in activities and discussion related to the role of the supports broker.

Target Audience: People interested in pursuing a career as a Supports Broker.


  • Principles of Self-Determination & Participant-Directed Supports
  • The Role of the Supports Broker & Collaborative Partnerships
  • Developing Community Connections, Relationships, and Natural Supports
  • Person-Centered Thinking and Planning
  • Person-Directed Supports and Services
  • Employer Responsibilities and Basic Employment Law


Register Online* (for guidance, download Word file – Step-by-step instructions for registration and taking the online courses)

Questions? Please email dbeckett@temple.edu.