DEC Success: Rolando Martinez

Each month we take a moment to highlight a DEC Consumer, their experience with our Center and our staff, and their Success.  This month we spoke with Rolando Martinez.

I have a learning disability that I felt was holding me back and I really wanted to become a Certified Massage Therapist.  It was something I didn’t feel like I could accomplish but I wanted to very much.  Some friends has told me good things about The Disability Empowerment Center and what they had helped people to accomplish.  I looked at the website and thought I would at least contact them.

Right from the beginning, everyone at DEC gave me the support and encouragement that I needed to be successful.  They helped me enroll in school and then continued to give me support while I was working toward my certification.

After much hard work, I graduated!  I received my certification and with a B average! 

I felt like the happiest person in the world when I reached that goal.  I now feel like I have overcome my disability.

The Disability Empowerment Center means a lot to me.  Everyone now feels like family.

Next up, I want to find a job in the massage therapy field (if you or someone you know can help Rolando with this goal, click here to contact us).  I would also like to get my driver’s license.

What does empowerment mean to me?

Empowerment means to succeed in your goals through any struggles that life has thrown at you.

You can achieve anything with dedication and hard work…And also with a great support system such as family and friends and the new friends I have found here at DEC.