DEC Success: Phillip Kanter

We like to take a moment on this blog, to highlight a DEC Consumer, their experience with our Center and our staff, and their Success.  This month we spoke with Phillip Kanter, a DEC Consumer in our Lebanon Center.

Phillip KanterWhile staying at a shelter for veterans, called the Veteran’s Place, I was given a resource guide, and I came across the number for the Disability Empowerment Center. At first, I felt unsure about contacting the Center, but I was told that the DEC could help me with my goals. My main goal was to find affordable housing in Lebanon County and have a place of my own.

Upon meeting with my Independent Living Coordinator at DEC, she discussed my housing goals with me and helped me to understand that this goal brought about other goals: getting furniture for my new home, advocating for myself on utility bills, having meals delivered to my home, and working on budgeting.

DEC helped me to find an affordable apartment and also helped me meet all of my other goals in order to create a home of my own. They helped me to coordinate many services I needed across several providers. I was able to advocate for myself for my utility bills. I also got new furniture for my apartment.

Once I was settled in, I was able to get meals delivered to my new home and use public transportation services from my home. Since then, the people at DEC have also helped me to advocate for myself in a heating issue with my landlord.

Honestly, I was initially very hesitant about contacting DEC. Now, I know it is a place that cares and works with you to help you accomplish your goals. DEC helped me by giving me ideas, a direction to pursue my goals, and resources to help me. They also helped me to advocate for myself to get what I need in various areas of my life.

Empowerment, to me, simply means to do better. The feeling of having a place to call my own brings me happiness and excitement.