DEC Success: Melody Herbert

photo of Melody Herbert

photo of Melody HerbertEach month we take a moment to highlight a DEC Consumer, their experience with our Center and our staff, and their Success.  This month we spoke with Melody Herbert.

I first heard about the Disability Empowerment Center through a friend who was already a Consumer at DEC. I was very distraught and did not know how to get the support I needed. I was very emotional and knew I needed to get my medication straightened out but I did not know where to turn.

I walked into the Center with no expectations. I was having issues with communication and being social. I needed to find housing and I needed to find a career path.

The staff at DEC worked very slowly on each area that I have struggled with – housing, social skills, employment, schooling (to name a few). The staff helped me find housing and resources. They worked with my emotional stability and encouraged me to take part in the activities at DEC.

DEC worked with me on advocacy. They educated me, encouraged self motivation, and taught me many things on how people work together. I was given a peer mentor and learned about mentoring.

They took the time with me when no one else did.

Now I’ve accomplished my goals. I feel confident in my abilities, and empowered and I feel secure knowing there is someone out there to help me.

I really enjoy the social time at DEC with the activities and trainings. I have met friends, and gained a lot of confidence.

DEC means empowerment, and a place I trust. And empowerment means I have control over me, and I know I have a place to go if I need support.