DEC Success: James Callaway

Each month we take a moment to highlight a DEC Consumer, their experience with our Center and our staff, and their Success.  This month we spoke with James Callaway.

James Callaway talks to PA Representative Bryan Cutler at the DEC picnic.While working with the Disability Digest, I heard about the Disability Empowerment Center.  I was filling out some paperwork for the county assistance office and for health insurance, and was overwhelmed and confused.  The DEC staff was patient, helpful and reassuring and walked me through every step.  They were instrumental in getting me through the process.

At the time, I also needed a lot of resource ideas and socialization.  I thought they could help me meet those goals as well, so I continued working with DEC.  The staff has been caring and patient.  They have the ability to teach people to never be afraid to step out of the box and get the help and support you need.

DEC has made me feel confident and reassured me that I can accomplish my goals with the proper information and support.  They want to empower everyone and they do it very well!

As for future goals…I’m not sure, I am a work in progress.

Who knows what other goals I may have, but I know that DEC is there to support my journey of independence.

DEC has also become a place where I can socialize and just have fun.  I feel welcomed and at home.  DEC is a place where people can come to just be themselves.

And it doesn’t hurt that pizza is a favorite there!

What does “empowerment” mean to me?  It’s being enabled to be free from any barriers I may face to living my life fully.

James Callaway at a DEC workshop.

James Callaway at a DEC workshop.