DEC Success: Andrew Wright

picture of andrew wright

picture of andrew wright

I first heard about the Disability Empowerment Center through my Pastor’s wife.  People at my church knew that I needed help in finding a job and thought that DEC may be able to help.

I had a job at a local grocery store but because they didn’t know how to work with me as a person with a disability, the job wasn’t working out and decided to explore other options for employment.

DEC helped me accomplish my original goal and more.  I started an Employment Group with DEC approval and we meet weekly to work on employment issues.  We work on role playing, resume building, interviewing skills, job shadowing, the application process, and online job searching. DEC is helping me build my confidence by allowing me to lead this group and provide future job skills in the process.

How has DEC helped me reach my goals?

DEC has helped me by providing information when needed and by providing encouragement to be prompt, responsible and dependable.

I am building relationships with the people I meet here at DEC and I am growing myself by teaching others.

I was very nervous at first and unsure of myself but as time went on DEC provided the needed support and I now feel settled in with my group.

I feel good about what I am accomplishing.

What other goals have you accomplished?

I’ve worked on building my resume with the help of DEC’s intern Chrissy. I am still working on feeling comfortable using Public Transportation to be more Independent.

What does DEC mean to you?

I feel good about getting out and interacting with others. I feel more independent with DEC supporting and encouraging me to build on my strengths and to overcome obstacles.

DEC means Good Friendships.

What does empowerment mean to you?

Empowerment means I can take responsibility for myself, my decisions and the consequences for those decisions.

I think overall DEC is helping me to be Independent and helping me to achieve my goals. I really enjoy the people I meet here and I like the individuals that work at DEC. It is fun!!!