Deaf-Blind Living Well Services

The Deaf-Blind Living Well Services (DBLWS) is a new Pennsylvania statewide initiative designed to help individuals who are deaf-blind to access information, achieve independence, and touch the future.

This will be accomplished by DBLWS training independent contractors, known as Support Service Providers (SSPs).  SSPs link individuals who are deaf-blind to their environment by providing relevant information and acting as a guide and communication facilitator (but not as an interpreter or decision-maker).

With SSP services, people who are deaf-blind can lead an empowered, independent life in their work, family and social activities!

This past week, Jesus Domena and Shannon Orehek from the Disability Empowerment Center, went through three days of intense training at the Center for Independent Living of Central Pennsylvania.  They are both now certified Support Service Providers!

There was even a news story about it – click here to watch or listen to the video.