Throwback Thursdays

Today we’re throwing back to August 2014 when our staff marched in D.C. to the Capital for the NCIL rally.

Get to Know DEC

by Jojo Faircloth Imagine you have an appointment with DEC. You walk into the building, and find the Disability Empowerment Center. You let the receptionist know you’re here for your appointment, and then you take a seat and wait for a bit. You think about the reason why you’re here. Maybe you’re in a wheelchair and you need help finding … Read More

More Than a Model and Just Getting Started

Photo of Nyle Dimarco

by Jojo Faircloth He’s one of the most talked about celebrities and he has won not one but two reality TV shows, literally making history in the process. The Deaf community is blowing up about Nyle DiMarco on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else. As mentioned in the previous article, the A.G. Bell Assoc. for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing … Read More

Sugar or Spice: What Would Be Nice for Deaf Children

deaf and hard of hearing services lancaster pennsylvania

by Jojo Faircloth An ongoing feud has been fired up recently involving the Deaf community and the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. For the Deaf community, this has also lead to a dramatic increase of debates on Facebook about bilingualism, and whether ASL for Deaf children should be a requirement or an option. Nyle … Read More

Staying safe in the summer heat

From the ASPR blog (visit their blog) “For most parts of the country, summer brings lots of heat. Over the last few weeks, just about everybody has been feeling the heat. Cities and towns from across the country have been coping with heat advisories and trying to find ways to stay cool. Some people handle the heat pretty well. They … Read More

Annual ADA Anniversary Picnic!

    Our annual ADA Anniversary Picnic will be held on July 29th from Noon to 3pm.  Join us as we celebrate the anniversary of the ADA! We’ll have food, music, games and more this year! Lancaster Mounted Police Veterans’ Speeches IM Able Demonstrations Representatives from UDS and Changing Hands Bean bag toss Patriotic keychain making Music and dancing Raffle … Read More

DEC Success: Melody Herbert

photo of Melody Herbert

Each month we take a moment to highlight a DEC Consumer, their experience with our Center and our staff, and their Success.  This month we spoke with Melody Herbert. I first heard about the Disability Empowerment Center through a friend who was already a Consumer at DEC. I was very distraught and did not know how to get the support … Read More

Pennsylvania Agriculture Department offers seniors vouchers for fresh produce

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is again offering older countv residents vouchers for fresh, Pennsylvania-grown fruit and vegetables sold at area farmers markets Recipients must be at least 60 years old and earn less than $21,257 a year ($28,694 for two persons). People living in residential facilities that provide meals are not eligible. Those unable to travel to distribution sites … Read More

Video Phones are not working.

Due to unexpected issues, our video phones are currently not working. DEC will have this resolved as soon as possible. Should you need to reach DEC, please call our direct number 717-394-1890 through your video phone or email Thank you.


DEC’s Youth Transition Summer Program will begin on July 11th! To help youth with disabilities transition (or prepare to transition in the future) from High School to adult life, we offer the Young and Empowered summer program. Click here to sign up to receive email updates on this program.   About the Program: At our LANCASTER Center: Every Tuesday and Thursday   … Read More