Disability Empowerment Center

Adaptive Tennis is a program that supports and promotes tennis for the recreational and social enjoyment of individuals with physical, mental or emotional challenges. The game of tennis can be adapted to accommodate any ability. Adaptions include smaller courts, lower nets, appropriately sized racquets, low compression larger size tennis balls and balls that jingle for the visually impaired. The USTA Net Generation Curriculum is incorporated into the program.

Linden Hall has a deep connection with supporting Adaptive Tennis programs. A former Linden Hall Tennis Coach, Winnie Gilliford, who passed away in 2001, was a pioneer in teaching individuals with disabilities. Winnie was born with congenital back problems and her involvement with tennis began as a therapeutic measure. Even with this physical challenge, she earned a Middle States ranking, the Middle States Presidential Service Award, and also wrote a book entitled Winnie’s Wisdom, Great Tennis Truths from an “Old” Pro. Throughout her coaching years, she taught individuals with abilities of all levels, including wheelchair tennis
instruction in the 1980’s.

A grant from the United States Tennis Association (USTA) Middles States Region was instrumental in developing ALL-IN TENNIS at Linden Hall. The program is being offered at the minimal cost of $30, which includes six one-hour sessions with financial need-based scholarships also available.

Sessions will be held inside the Anne Brossman Sweigart Sports & Fitness Center Gymnasium located at Linden Hall in Lititz. Linden Hall Tennis Coaches will lead the instruction along with volunteers from the Linden Hall Girl’s Tennis Team and the Community. For more information and details, contact Melissa Landis at 717-626-8512 or or visit