We’ve made every effort to make this site accessible for everyone.

The Disability Empowerment Center is here for every individual with a disability and we want our website to be just as accessible.  We believe that this site should be accessible with assistive technology, screen magnifiers and your operating system’s speech recognition software.

The Best Browsing Experience:

  1. Every page contains a Skip to Content link.  If you are using a screen reader, use this link to quickly skip over the page headings to the main content of that page.
  2. Text and Colors.  We’ve used larger than average text and colors that are easy to read on this site, but we understand that people may still have trouble reading some text.  You can change your text and color settings through your browser.  For more information and instructions, click this link to W3C’s page.
  3. Images. To make things easier for screen reader users, all images have alternative text that clearly describes what they show.
  4. Links. All links use link text that makes sense out of context, so that what we’re linking to is clear to everyone.
  5. Jump Links.  For users with mobility issues, we have tried to limit long pages with a need for a lot of scrolling.  We have also included jump links at the top of long sections.  These links will quickly scroll you to sections throughout the content.
  6. Videos and Audio Files. All videos on this site are available to watch with closed captions. Every video also provides a link to a written transcript.
  7. Downloads.  All document downloads are available as both a PDF and an RTF (Rich Text Format) because text based formats are most compatible with screen reading devices.
  8. Forms. Online forms have been designed with descriptive html tags to make it easier to know how to fill in forms.
  9. Text versions of this website.  If you’d like to print this site or download a file for your screen reader, we have provided PDF and RTF versions of the main pages on this website for you to download, by clicking on this page.

Help Make it Better:

We do consider this site a continued work in progress, though, and would very much appreciate your input on how we can make it work better for you.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please click here to send an email to our marketing team or call our office.