2017 Year in Review (or where your #ExtraGive $$$’s go)

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As you consider donating to the Disability Empowerment Center today for the #ExtraGive, we wanted to share with you some of what our organization has accomplished so far in 2017, in an effort to give you an idea of where your donated dollars go (and perhaps to do a tiny bit of bragging). Here’s our donate link.

Since January of 2017, our organization has:
  • For our Consumers, we’ve had monthly holiday events and game days: Black History Month Awareness, Chinese New Year Celebration, St. Patricks Day, Movie Day & Ice Cream Social, A Day in Nature Visit to Long’s Park, Candy Bar Bingo, Holiday Craft Day, and more
  • Provided multiple ASL Courses for the community in February, June, and October to help grow the ASL community!
  • Held our Young & Empowered NEXT meetings every month (Y& E is a safe and inclusive space for students and young adults to receive peer support, learn about career options, and develop Independent Living skills)
  • Held our Annual Young & Empowered! Summer Youth Transition Program (to help youth with disabilities transition – or prepare to transition in the future – from High School to adult life)
  • Went camping with Camp DEC! Our mock camping adventure for individuals with disabilities that may not be able to experience camping in other ways.
  • Celebrated the 26th Anniversary of the ADA with our Annual ADA Picnic and community gathering
  • Hosted monthly Lunch & Learn Events with a variety of speakers addressing issues important to our Consumers (transportation, voting rights and responsibilities, emergency preparedness, and more)
  • Hosted two support groups run by people with disabilities, for people with disabilities: TEACH Support Group and Living in Harmony Support Group

  • Hosted “Feeling Safe – Being Safe” (an emergency preparedness workshop for deaf and hard of hearing individuals)
  • Participated in the IU-13 Transition Fair (an education fair for students with disabilities transitioning to secondary education)

  • Participated in the Launch of the PA ABLE Savings Account Program and the Day of Action at The Capital Rotunda
  • Participated in Lebanon High School’s Project Aware: A Spectrum of Knowledge event!
  • 2 staff members went through the training and became Certified Accessibility Surveyors by the National Council for Independent Living
  • Our Executive Director held meetings with Senator Robert Casey Jr., Senator Joseph B. Scarnati, Representative Mike Sturla, and Senator Toomey’s State Director to discuss Independent Living and the rights of individuals with disabilities. And participated in the Governor’s Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities.
  • Attended the PA SILC’s Policy Seminar of Sheltered Workshops and the ABLE Act
  • Provided Spanish translation at events/workshops for individuals with disabilities
  • Partnered with Lancaster PrideFest to provide ASL interpretation for all at PrideFest
  • Attended the National Council for Independent Living 2017 Revolution Conference and participated in the march on the Capitol

All…in addition to providing our core services to our Consumers: Peer Mentoring, Independent Living Skills, Information and Referral, Transition, and Advocacy

Plus all of these services: Service Coordination, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Case Management, ASL Interpreters and Certified Deaf Interpreters, Ticket to Work, Assistive Technology Services, Benefits Counseling, Children’s Services, Communication Services, Community Accessibility Services, Community Integration Services, Disability Sensitivity and Awareness Training, Family Services, Housing Home Modifications, Mobility Training, Nursing Home Transition, Recreational Services, Social Security Assistance, Translation Services, Transportation Services, Pre-Vocational and Employment Services, and Youth in Transition Services!!!!

We know that you have many, many options today as you donate for the #ExtraGive and graciously thank you for consideration in donating to the Disability Empowerment Center!

We are the Center for Independent Living serving Lancaster and Lebanon Counties. DEC is a private, nonprofit, nonresidential organization run by and for people with disabilities. We dedicate our efforts to breaking through the barriers to Independent Living.