Meet the DEC Staff: Paula Moyer

We like to take a moment on our blog to introduce you to the hardworking people that make up our staff at the Disability Empowerment Center.  Today we sit down with Paula Moyer, Independent Living Specialist in our Lebanon office. How did you end up working at DEC? I had found out DEC was hiring for a full-time Independent Living specialist in … Read More

10 Commandments of Communicating with People with Disabilities

Speak Directly to the person Always speak directly to the person.  Do not speak through a companion or a service provider. Offer to shake hands Always use the same good manners in interacting with a person who has a disability as you would with anyone else. Identify yourself when speaking to a person who is blind As common courtesy, always … Read More

Consumer Control…What it Means to You

Consumer Control, not a very common phrase, but it’s an important one. Consumer control means that the consumer has the control over issues that affect their life. As a Center for Independent Living, we take our consumer control philosophy seriously!  We are here to provide assistance and information to our consumers and to support them in the areas of their … Read More