“Christopher Robin” Presented with Open Captions for the Deaf & ASL Class!!


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Date(s) - Monday, September 3rd
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Penn Cinema


The Lancaster Palette has partnered with Penn Cinema to bring you a unique event designed to support the Deaf community!  Come out and see the film “Christopher Robin” while learning a new language, a different culture and experiencing watching movies in a whole new way!  On September 3rd at 10am Penn Cinema will be showing the film “Christoper Robin” (rated PG) with sound along with Open Captioning (words will be displayed on screen much like a foreign film subtitles) for deaf and hard of hearing kids and their parents to enjoy!

Additionally, 30 minutes before the film, Lancaster Palette will be teaching a half hour ASL class designed to help children and their parents be able to communicate with the deaf and hard of hearing in their community and at the theater.  Have you always wanted to learn how to communicate with your deaf and hard of hearing neighbors or are interested in enhancing you or your child’s view of the world?  This will be a great start!  Learn ASL, experience watching a film through the eyes of the Deaf.  We will have earplugs available for you to experience what it’s like to watch a film without sound.

Where can I purchase tickets?  Tickets are available for purchase here: https://www.penncinema.com/movie/open_caption_christopher_robin/ Or tickets can be purchased in person at the theater.

How much are tickets?  Tickets are $10 for kids ages 3- 12 and Seniors 60+ $10.50 for Adults

Will there be any sound?  Yes!  The sound WILL BE ON along with Open Captioning for the Deaf and hearing to enjoy.

Does the ASL class cost extra?  No! The half hour sign language class is free and included in the price of film admission.

Is this event only for small children?  Absolutely not!  All ages are welcomed to come and learn ASL.  This is an all ages event.

Do I have to wear ear plugs during the entire film?  No.  Ear plugs will be available free of charge. Using the ear plugs is solely for those who choose to experience what it’s like to watch a film without sound at a movie theater.