The Disability Empowerment Center works to break down the barriers to Independent Living through peer mentoring, life skills training, information & referral, transition and advocacy. It is because of the committed individuals that make up our staff and Board that we are able to accomplish this shared mission.

Our current staff includes:

Administration and Management

Independent Living

  • Independent Living Lead & ADA Coordinator | Kimberly Carney (email Kim)
  • Independent Living Coordinator & Event Planner | Jesus Domena (email Jesus)
  • Independent Living Coordinator | Paula Moyer (email Paula)
  • Independent Living Coordinator | Michele Sawyer (email Michele)
  • Independent Living Peer Mentor | Gina Baum (email Gina)

Service Coordination

ASL Interpreting Services

  • Interpreting Services Administrator & Scheduler | Thea Schock (email Thea)

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Case Manager | Jo Anna Faircloth (email Jo Anna)